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the grey that limns the eyes

Museum Bulletin

Sleep Museum interview & tracks in Atmósfera,
Radio 3, RNE,
Madrid, Spain

An interview with Sleep Museum, plus album excerpts, in the Spanish experimental/electronic music program, Atmósfera, Radio 3, Radio Nacional de España. Excerpts from Core and Forschung.
Program details (en español).
Podcast (Sleep Museum begins at 24:26).

New Exhibits

Poetics of Bone
Zerohour Records, Melbourne

The intense mystery of Sleep Museum on a double-vinyl album from Zerohour. The tracks on 'Poetics of Bone' range from superb electro dance tracks through more experimental but still danceable industrial pieces such as '13th Word'. 'Poetics of Bone' also contains some of Sleep Museum's more poetic tracks, small Cornell-boxes of dark colors where nothing lasts any longer than the dream. Double-album, limited edition, high-quality vinyl. Coming in 2014! For pre-orders and more information contact Zerohour Records.

Album preview can be heard on Soundcloud.

BloodLust! Records, Chicago

LIMITED EDITION OF FORSCHUNG SETS STILL AVAILABLE FROM SLEEP MUSEUM! 'Forschung' is the most experimental and darkest Sleep Museum material to date. On five-CDs in this box set, Sleep Museum launches itself into the abyss, exploring questions of identity/non-identity, death, suicide, pain and despair through a series of tracks which use intense analog synthesized music, dark ambience, noise, and vocals to summon the chasm inside. This is the darkest shit I've ever heard - Mark Solotroff, BloodLust! Records. Limited edition boxset of four CDs, the fifth CD to a highly limited group of first purchasers. To order contact Sleep Museum.

You can sample all five discs at Sleep Museum's Bandcamp page.

White Like Summer Sutures
AnnaLogue Records, Germany

Comes on 180 grams vinyl. Includes DIN A2 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with further drawings, handwriting and layout by Paul Takahashi.

Album preview can be heard on on Soundcloud.

Sleep Museum is, as I see it, outsider art. It is raw, unapologetic, driven by obsession, sometimes lit by sparkles of surrealist poetry, sometimes downright deviant and cruel. While the music itself belongs to a specific genre that ranges from Fad Gadget to Martial Canterel, it is constantly under the grip of a darker vision that pours through the lyrics. They reveal an automatic process of exploration, of revelation, of self-vivisection. The beast within becomes self-aware and rebels just as the spine depicted on the cover, unbalancing the body and the object up to the point of breaking the fourth wall – the inner gatefold then reveals its own template, the paper cuts, the smeared carbon. [Sleep Museum] uses his synths to pry open himself, his words becoming the little voice to be heard from the Museum concealed within each one of us. Each song from White Like Summer Sutures is a fleeting fantasy around which sound coagulated, creating malicious seeds ready to find a new soil – the listener's mind. - Paul Takahashi, Helsinki

US orders contact Sleep Museum
Other orders contact AnnaLogue Records

The Information Desk

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2005, Sleep Museum harbors a range of styles within its body, much as a parasite infects a wound.

Mark Solotroff of BloodLust! Records says: This is true minimal-synth music, but probably not the type of thing that most people would think of. This is not M.B.-style synth-drone, or other noise and industrial peripherals like that. Sleep Museum is a New York-based project that specializes in rhythmic, darkly melodic synth music, which feels utterly contemporary, yet also reminiscent of certain early-1980s 'cold' music, or even the (pre-folk) electronic era of Death in June. Sleep Museum's unrepentantly eccentric vocals and dour lyrics first caught my ear on a trip to NYC... Sleep Museum has been, without doubt, one of my most-listened-to bands since then.

Sleep Museum has published material with BloodLust! Records, Anna Logue Records, Wierd Records and has appeared as 'After The Snow' with Enfant Terrible.

The Hall of Music

A full Sleep Museum discography can be found at Discogs. Sleep Museum has also published material as After The Snow.

You may sample Sleep Museum's music at Bandcamp, as well as Soundcloud.

AnnaLogue Records has an preview of White Like Summer Sutures on Soundcloud.

Zerohour Records has samples from the forthcoming Sleep Museum album Poetics of Bone on Soundcloud as well.

Some older Sleep Museum material can be heard on MySpace.

The Theater

A variety of Sleep Museum videos are available on YouTube. Subscribe to the Sleep Museum channel to keep abreast of the latest official videos.

The Gift Shop

The following Sleep Museum items are available:

Box Set (includes fifth disc, t-shirt, tote-bag)
First Four Discs only
White Like Summer Sutures LP
Poetics of Bone LP
For pre-orders Contact Zerohour Records
Sleep Museum back catalog (downloadable)
Most of the Sleep Museum back catalog is available as high-quality electronic downloads at Sleep Museum's Bandcamp page: including Mask, Flower, Dreams of the Dead Underwater/Lightning Overhead, Core, Mask, Replica, Anasthesia, Home, Street, etc.
Sleep Museum BloodLust! CDs (physical)
Some Sleep Museum BloodLust! Records CDs may be available directly from BloodLust! Records and Wierd Records

To Contact The Museum

Sleep Museum can be contacted at

Also feel free to visit the Sleep Museum Facebook page